11th annual Waterside Conference

As some of my readers know, my literary agency, Waterside, hosts a publishing and technology conference every spring. For years we did it in San Diego near the Waterside mothership but last year we did it in Berkeley and had such a good time we’re having it there again.
This year’s conference (Waterside: Conference 11.0) is a good opportunity for anyone who’d like to meet me or my colleagues to discuss book or other publishing ideas an opportunities relating to or making innovative use of technology.
Also, I’ll be moderating a panel on politics and technology named for my book, The Power of Many with some of the contributors to O’Reilly’s Extreme Democracy anthology, which should be fun.
Finally, I’m hoping to cram our demo room with blog and RSS and microcontent-related product demos. I’m going to call Anil to see if Six Apart might like a table to preview some of their skunkworks and I wonder if Google would like to show off some of their Blogger initiatives, or even Orkut. For that mattert, I’ll talk to some of the other YASNS makers.
More items for the to-do list.
If you’re interested in attending the conference or showing off a product in our demo room (even if it’s not directly relevant to publishing, there will be over 100 influential geek opinion leaders with minds just ripe for seeding by your latest memes) just drop me a note and we’ll work something out.






2 responses to “11th annual Waterside Conference”

  1. Tim Avatar

    I am a technologist who is halfway across the chasm towards being a (paid) writer. I’d love to at least stop by and check it out, but the registration fee is beyond my means. I’m local (we’ve never met in person, although Gwen keeps on trying to make it happen), but we have crossed paths in the blogosphere.

  2. catnmus Avatar

    I’m not in the publishing industry, and won’t be at the conference, but I just recently posted in my blog a new “binding” idea for publishers that I would love to see in the market. I invite anyone and everyone to bring this up at any point during the conference. This idea is free of charge. :-)