1. Did first scan of peer-review comments on Ch 3
  2. 8:30 Talked to my editor to synch up on priorities
  3. 8:50 Phoned Fox media rep, left message
  4. 9:15 Called Nicholas to plan for Dead conference
  5. Called Arthur to discuss digital studio plans, and to get his mobile number recorded
  6. Left JAC a message to find out if her dog is OK (she called back later, he is doing fine – what a constitution that dog has!)
  7. Took message from Jodi (best. landlord. ever.) about the tree guy coming by this afternoon – gave her B’s phone info
  8. Sent followup inquiry to MoveOn founder for interview
  9. 1:15 Marketing brainstorming meeting with my publisher
  10. 3:30 Jodie and tree guy come by – we put B on the phone and they walk around trading the headset and discussing the trees overhanging the roof that need trimming
  11. 4:30-6:00 huge email backlog catchup
  12. 7pm Democratic Unity MeetUp – ad hoc DFA / East Bay for Kerry summit meeting, rapprochement, beginning of plans to coordinate together
  13. 8:45 Jupiter for pizza and beer.
  14. 9:40 Greendale II

Now that’s what I calll lifelogging!