A cinderella story

I’m in San Luis Obispo (SLO) this morning and we just bought up all the Sunday New York Timeses in town (well, not really). I’m posting from SLO Perk’s Internet terminals. I’ll tell the full story when I have more time and when it wouldn’t be so antisocial in the real world, but long story short:
The editor of the Lives column on the last page of each Sunday magazine called our house less then two weeks ago explaining that they were working on a special landscaping issue of the magazine, and that she’d been reading Briggs’ blog and wanted to know if she’d like to write a piece for the magazine.
I nearly passed out, both with the thrill of this huge mainstream endorsement of Briggs‘ wonderful writing (I know I’m biased but I’m also right), and also – to be honest – with a bit of pride that, as Cecil put it to me, “this proves your theory.” Meaning that by encouraging Briggs to post her writing online, first in our ‘zine and now in her blog, we had enabled the right person to discover her voice at the right time.
They even mentioned her blog’s URL in her bio. Read it. It’s a great column.






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    A Blogger Grows in Newsland

    Blog writer Briggs Nisbet has garnered a column with the New York Times for her effort. Here’s her first installment. Let’s hope it continues for a long time. Her partner in crime Xian (of RFB) writes: I nearly passed out, both with the thrill of this …