You have to wonder: at what point will the GOP attacks on Kerry’s wife backfire? When will it start to seem petty and crude to the independent voter? Could it be, perhaps, when they start making a big deal out of inter-personal “I don’t like Ted Kennedy” type comments she made back in 1976? (I don’t have the heart to link to this trash, but it’s all the hoo-hah on ye olde Drudge right now.)
Or was it when they got all fired up about her saying “shove it” to a right-wing reporter? (As an aside, isn’t “shove it” like two clicks south of “sit on it, Potsy” on the expletive scale?)
I don’t know. Those two items might not be quite at that point. Not yet. But there’s a point out there somewhere, I’m pretty sure. Or at least, I have to hope.
And I’m just curious, you know? Wondering where it is.






2 responses to “Backfire”

  1. Lilian Hesler Avatar
    Lilian Hesler

    Let’s see……….when a Republican makes an unworthy comment it is justified to criticize and scrutinize, but when a bumbling idiot makes an unworthy comment and is questioned regarding the fact that she denies it, there are those who want to call it “petty”. Hopefully, independent voters are more intelligent than to consider it petty, but see it for exactly what it is…… irate denial because she was caught in the act of saying something very unworthy to the American people.

  2. Walter Baker Avatar
    Walter Baker

    With all due respect, the Re-Publicans sunk to despicapble lows when the most basic tenets of lawful societies were broken under the Nixon administration. Since then the political process has become so infected with “Getting even” that after being intensely involved in studying the uniqueness of my country’s political processes since Gen. Dwight Eisenhower ran for office, I have come to believe that some unseen process is going on to utterly destroy the nation and her people. The claims of some CON-servatives that immigrants, Jewish support, and Blacks are at the bottom of “our” problems is so full of s***t that each person making such claims should be required to have a flush button on their mouth before speaking in public.
    What has been accomplished over the last 50 odd years was elequently stated by Eisenhower as he left office at the end of his duty: Beware of the military Industrial Complex. I believe that he will some day be seen as the 20th Century Prophet-President who warned us of the “global intent to destroy America” long before the “Global Economy” was extant in the daily lexicon. Perhaps my comments will elict all sorts of cries as to who I am and what I “stand for”. I will help such inquiries only this much: Korean war Vet who volunteered for Army service at age 15 1/2, served my tour with an older brother (Army Paratrooper), both of us were honorably discharged at the proper time. I am neither republican , democrat, independent, left or right. According to the facts of my birth I am simply AMERICAN. Men from our families have been in every war this country has fought since 1619, even when we were despised for even wanting to go in harm’s way to defend her. The same kind of vitrolic verbage was spouted about us then as we hear now being thrown at political aspirants at nearly all levels, so my suggestion to those whose real talents seem to be setting people at each other’s throats is simple: Stop it now! You will be forgotten quickly and/or only remembered as a curse on the good name of the country. We must begin again to look for persons of talent and new, decent ideas, to represent us; if a candidate will only “debate” by trashing the other person’s personal life, family and/or morals, then the person being trashed is probably the only one with at least some workable ideas.
    America, there is such a thing (best sense of the word) as a Statesman (Stateswoman)!~! There is such a thing as “The Loyal Opposition”, also. To believe otherwise is to declare America dead and burried! I am an old man, as is the one writing for me, if you think that us oldsters are going to sit back and let a bunch of young dummies destroy MOM ( America), watch the next few elections.