· 2004 Election

You have to wonder: at what point will the GOP attacks on Kerry’s wife backfire? When will it start to seem petty and crude to the independent voter? Could it be, perhaps, when they start making a big deal out of inter-personal “I don’t like Ted Kennedy” type comments she made back in 1976? (I don’t have the heart to link to this trash, but it’s all the hoo-hah on ye olde Drudge right now.)
Or was it when they got all fired up about her saying “shove it” to a right-wing reporter? (As an aside, isn’t “shove it” like two clicks south of “sit on it, Potsy” on the expletive scale?)
I don’t know. Those two items might not be quite at that point. Not yet. But there’s a point out there somewhere, I’m pretty sure. Or at least, I have to hope.
And I’m just curious, you know? Wondering where it is.