Blogging not being at the convention

Jim Allenspach of is giving us blow-by-blow coverage of what it’s like not to be blogging the convention:

… I didn’t fly in yesterday on a hastily scheduled flight, after not receiving late word that my credentials were approved for the event. Already this morning, I’ve not gone to breakfast with Illinois senate candidate (and keynote speaker) Barack Obama, not been shouted at by protestors on my way to convention headquarters at Boston’s FleetCenter, and not been interviewed by camera crews on my opinion of the nominees….. Stay tuned through the rest of this week, to see what I’m not doing at the 2004 Democratic National Convention!






One response to “Blogging not being at the convention”

  1. liza Avatar

    ARRRRRGH! I should have thought of that!
    How about if I make a “Carnival of Conventioneering” or something like that?
    Anyhoo, I’m working on the design right now.