Better life logging

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My blogging ebbs and flows, a bunch of photos one month, personal diary agonies another six weeks, geeking out for half a year, private blogs, lots of tinkering with interface and layout and mucking around with the data, then periods with lots of handwritten offline journaling and not much blogging at all.
Lately, my life has been very busy, with a book and a political campaign taking up nearly all of my time, with blogging and literary agenting, and a few other irons in the fire competing for the rest, and I’m enjoying being this busy, because everything is overlapping beautifully, but more than ever I’m trying to remind myself to take a little time to jot down at the end of each day, even briefly, what I did that day, because I’ll want to remember later.
So over on my personal blog (which is moving, but that’s another story) I’ll be trying to keep better track of my doings.