Breaking news: Cecil Vortex’s heart endorses Howard Dean for President

· long story short

Until this last week, I’ve been a classic, pragmatic on-the-fencer. There were weeks when I was inching toward Clark. Days when Edwards had me won over. But I was never a big Dean booster. I had a lot of respect for him, but there was something about his style that I couldn’t see working as President.
Now one of two things has happened. Either (1) I’ve developed a classic case of Democractic root-for-the-guy-who’s-gonna-lose-itis. Or (2) Christian’s got a point (see below). And this elaborate Jedi mind trick has worked. Because the more I watch Dean this week, especially in long-form interviews like the one C-Span’s been airing, with Peter Jennings, the more I hear extended dub-remixes of the whoop, the more Dean gets an opportunity to confront people’s concerns about him, to show a little more humility and humanity, well the more I like him.
update: a diary up on Kos pointed me toward this interesting video — the Dean Iowa speech, as seen from the crowd. All that crowd noise puts a bit of a different spin on things.