Bush loses the 2012 Olympics?

Following up on Boris Khadinov’s note about the pro-Bush ad that takes advantage of the Olympics: various blogs are now repeating a quote from the German magazine Der Spiegel (here translated by me). An unnamed IOC member says that because Bush won’t stop running the ad,

“New York’s chances to host [the Olympics in 2012] were not that good. But now they’ve dropped to zero.”

Daily Kos has the complete Spiegel article and a translation.






One response to “Bush loses the 2012 Olympics?”

  1. Shaula Evans Avatar

    Typical Bush Dynasty m.o.: it’s all about personal gain at the expense of the country.
    Bush the Lesser will be all gone long before this hits the fan, but at the very least we can hope it will be a thorn in the side for Jeb.