Casting call for reality blog

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Wasn’t there a web soap opera called “the Spot” or something like that back around 1996 or ’97? It’s déjà vu all over again now with The BIG Blog Show! which calls itself The Internet’s First Reality Blog.
What’s a reality blog? Glad you asked. "What happens when you take a bunch of webloggers from various genres, styles, and locations around the world… and make them share one blog together for the world to read? The mind boggles.
To apply, you must first classify your blog, although you can choose multiple categories, including other:

  • Political blog
  • Entertainment blog
  • Random thoughts blog
  • Porn blog
  • Tech blog
  • Education blog
  • College blog
  • News blog
  • Music blog
  • Crazy guy/girl blog
  • Sexual blog
  • Intelligent blog
  • Athletic blog
  • Gaming blog
  • Other – please explain

They left out ethnic-stereotype blog.