Catching up

I’m still not logging my things done each day but I’m starting to get to it in less than a week, so that’s something.
Thursday I started an email interview with Levi, found the tab for Syd Barrett’s “Evervescing Elephant” on the web and transposed it for my ukulele, put out the garbage and the yard waste, and went to a meeting in the evening ostensibly to plan the PFA website but ultimately to work on voter-registration drive pyramid scheme.
Friday I managed to speak to Joan Blades of Move On for my book, went grocery shopping, and threw together a rapid first-draft wireframe for the Pyramid project using VoodooPad. I also got the tab for Uncle John’s Band, learned that most of the chords are doable easily on the uke, and serenaded my friend Nick with a tortured rendition played into his voicemail.
Saturday I went to another Pyramid meeting (developing software for political purposes goes much faster than for business purposes!) around 10:30 am in Berkeley and spend about four or more hours there, with lunch provided by our lovely hostess, Simona (a frittata, some risotto, and some strawberry-yogurt parfait). We hashed out a second draft of the process flow and I’m currently stil updating wireframe 2. On the way home I exchanged some unmentionables for B at Victoria’s Seekrit.
Yesterday (Sunday), on a whim, we drove into the city before midday to take in the Art Deco show at the Palace of the Legion of Honor. It was beautiful crisp day and hte Marin headlands were starkly visible across the golden gate. You could also see Mount Diablo quite clearly off in the other direction. The show was great too. IT was the perfect weekend afternoon. B bought a book on tiaras in the museum bookstore. I had a turkey and bacon sandwich in the cafeteria and B ate some of my pickle.
When we got home I practiced my uke for a few hours and then went out to write with Cecil Vortex and the Monkeyman, who are working on their new Monkey Vortex Radio Theatre concept, which I offered to host at x-pollen at least until they get famous and break my server.






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    You have such a nice life…