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  • Designing Social Interfaces Web 2.0 Expo workshop slides

    Social Patterns Talk – Web 2.0 version View more presentations from Erin Malone.

  • and on Friday

    I practiced chord forms (E, A) up the neck I cleaned the bathroom, specifically the toilet, but used too much of the spray stuff so the room was thick with it and the floor is now sticky. I spent most of the day digging through a year’s worth of unfiled stuff in my room / […]

  • I felt busy…

    …but it looks like I didn’t get as much done yesterday as I had intended: Thursday, February 3 dropped off rent practiced changes to “Friend is a Four-Letter Word” by Cake Scales and modes, pick and fingering exercises Practiced harmonized scales (D form, E form, A form) I must have forgotten to note something, though.

  • Yesterday

    Feeling productive: Wednesday, February 2 work on modes practice melody licks on guitar get money order for jazzfest tickets blog about state of the onion chat chat about the state of the onion iChat AV w/dad (birthday) make petrale sole with sauce bercy and salad and baguette

  • Songs in the key of January

    A random sample of stuff done this year excluding confidences, of course: Wednesday, February 2 worked on modes practice melody licks on guitar IMd with culture kitchen diva Liza Sabater Tuesday, February 1 paid for Moon over Briones picture grocery shop leftover soup for dinner play guitar and uke with Dan try, but fail, to […]

  • In the air above Vegas

    Before my batteries run out, I think I’ll get caught up on “what I’ve been doing all week,” especially since I’m only getting busier. I’m currently on a plane headed for San Antonio with a stopover in Vegas. I’m going to a joint regional and national conference of the American Culture Association / Popular Culture […]