Dean: up on the downbeat?

As Christian sez below, Edwards is doing pretty well in Iowa. So’s Kerry. Gephardt’s holding fairly strong.
Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, Clark continues to close on Dean. Kerry’s picked up a few points. Lieberman’s making some late progress.
Really, pollwise, just about every major candidate ‘cept Dean has some reason for renewed hope this past week.
Which could turn out to be great news for the Dean camp. The better these other fellers score in Iowa and NH, the less likely they are to drop out of the race. And the longer this remains (deep breath) Dean v. Clark v. Edwards, v. Gephardt v. Kerry v. Lieberman, instead of straight-up Dean v. Clark, the more likely it becomes that Dean’s hard-hard-hardcore supporters will carry him to victory, state after state.






2 responses to “Dean: up on the downbeat?”

  1. xian Avatar

    Interesting angle. I just read an article in the Nation that reminded me of Dean’s 50-state strategy, comparing it oddly enough to Reagan’s. After Bush I won Iowa in 1980 and thought he had “big mo” Reagan’s breadth of support wore him down.
    The recent California poll is heartening for Deansters like meself.

  2. Glenn Avatar

    I agree with your analysis . In fact I was just thinking the same distressing thought. I’m a Clark supporter but, he’ll go nowhere nor will the others if everyone stays in the race. Dean could win this that way because his hardcore is about 25-28% of the Democratic field. But, I doubt that’s what will happen. Eventually people will start to drop out for a lot of reasons. No. 1 being lack of $$. Gephart and Edwards are already near broke. Kerry though could hang in with his own money for a long time. My guess is Leiberman will fold his tent after IOWA or N.H. Sharpton after S.C. We should have a candidate by Super Tues. Right now it still looks like Dean but if he loses in Iowa and scores a weak 1st in N.H. who knows after that?