Dean: up on the downbeat?

· long story short

As Christian sez below, Edwards is doing pretty well in Iowa. So’s Kerry. Gephardt’s holding fairly strong.
Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, Clark continues to close on Dean. Kerry’s picked up a few points. Lieberman’s making some late progress.
Really, pollwise, just about every major candidate ‘cept Dean has some reason for renewed hope this past week.
Which could turn out to be great news for the Dean camp. The better these other fellers score in Iowa and NH, the less likely they are to drop out of the race. And the longer this remains (deep breath) Dean v. Clark v. Edwards, v. Gephardt v. Kerry v. Lieberman, instead of straight-up Dean v. Clark, the more likely it becomes that Dean’s hard-hard-hardcore supporters will carry him to victory, state after state.