Deep thoughts on tonight’s presidential press conference

· long story short

Any time you ask this guy a question, he tries to make you feel bad.
Q: Is Iraq another Vietnam?
A: The people posing that question are endangering our troops. And should feel bad. As should you.
Q: Will there be greater international burden sharing in Iraq?
A: That question is demeaning to the good folks from a variety of countries currently on the ground. And you should feel bad for asking. I need a hug.
What a noodge.
Also, is it just me or has he developed a thick, curving, and all-too-obvious seamline on his forehead, where (I’m just guessing now) they opened up his brainbox and inserted some kind of electro-thingy that causes him to keep looking down when answering questions, almost as if, you know, he’s reading a teleprompter, or trying to focus on the sound of a tiny William Kristol in his right ear.
Or something like that.