FT counterstory anticipates Marshall’s scoop

Joshua Micah Marshall, back at the helm of TPM after a few weeks of stellar guest-hosts, responds to a story just floated in the Financial Times regarding the source of the forged Niger-“yellowcake” documents, related to the state of the union / CIA / Cheney / Rove / Wilson / Plame et al. scandal:

My colleagues and I have reported on this matter extensively, spoken to key players involved in the drama, and put together a detailed picture of what happened. And that picture looks remarkably different from this account which is out today – specifically on the matter of the origins of those forged documents and who was involved.
I cannot begin to describe how much I would like to say more than that. And at some later point in some later post I will do my best to explain the hows and whys of why I can’t. But, for the moment, I can’t.
Let me, however, offer a hypothetical that might help make sense of all this.
Let’s say that certain individuals or organizations are responsible for some rather unfortunate misdeeds.
And let’s further postulate that such hypothetical individuals or organizations find out that some folks are on to them, that a story is in the works – perhaps more than one – and that it’s coming right at them.
Those individuals or organizations – as shorthand, let’s call them ‘the bad actors’ – might well start trying to fight back, trying to gin up an alternative storyline to exculpate themselves and inculpate others. If that story made its way into the news, at a minimum, it might help the bad actors muddy the waters for when the real story comes out.
You can see how such a regrettable turn of events might come to pass.
This is of course only a hypothetical. But I thought it might provide a clarifying context.

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