Globo blocking blogs?

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An orkut message I received from a “friend” of jibot (a bot that heralds visitors to the #joiito irc channel) accuses Brazilian company Globo of blocking access to the Blogger-driven blogs it hosts to anyone from outside Brazil and of preventing users from accessing their (free) blogs until they pay for a Globo subscription:

Isn’t that amazing? No prior notice.
Brazil has one of the largest blogging populations per capita in the world, according to the NITLE Blog Census … and there are a lot of capita. True, most of the capita are peasants and most of the bloggers are teenaged girls, but there also a lot of unemployed journalists who do serious and valuable work on free blogging services.
I’ve been trying to circulate instructions for getting around the blockade by using
a public proxy server in Brazil, which is working for me.
There’s also a petition online: I’d love to see this get around and get some real support from the gringo blogueirada. When a butterfly stirs its wings in Brazil, who’s to say that it won’t subsequently hail in Northern Angloblogistan?

You can read more about this controversy at Blogalization (a site managed with Drupal).