Goodnight, Irene (raw mix)

Sometimes I live in the country
Soometimes I live in the town
Sometimes I live inside a bass amp
And run Cecil’s organ through a classic rock guitar filter for that sludgy hard rawk sound.
Laramie gave me the chord changes. I wrote ’em for Cecil. He played ’em on his electric pianer thing and sent me the AIF. I mangled it all together in GarageBand with my third vocal take.
All for the low low time investment of about a minute or so (plus download time), to hear my debut cut of Goodnight, Irene.
Effervescing Uncles has so many short songs on it that it’s still only about 12 minutes long (thus far) including the best takes of
Goodnight, Irene
Effervescing Elephant
Uncle John’s Band (partial)
Postcartesian Metaphysical Home[sic] Blues
Remix Nightmare (Land of Toil and Bluff)
Fire on the Mountain (Churchbells Softly Chime)
The Yeah Yeah Song (Hey Look the Sun)
note to self: shorten names of songs!
not recorded yet in any form:
Someday Life Will Be Made Out of Velcro
Furry Green Atom Bowl
It’s Gonna Be (Alright)
Touch of Jey
Neverending Song
Some songs will get longer no doubt, though I hope not too much longer. 3 minutes is plenty, especially on the web, but the above is probably about a whole album’s worth, whatever that means these days. Ideally, I’d develop three or four times as much material, put out the best 46 minutes, and then sift through the rest as I coast through my sophomore slump and the rest of my quick unhappy but hedonistic music career.
Addendum, added a few more to the to do list (from memory: a few more covers, actually, of Robyn Hitchcock, Ween, and Hoagie Carmichael; to supplement Hunter/Garcia, Dylan, Leadbelly, and John Fahey), and remembered some songs-initiated-by-others I’ve agreed to work on:
Air (for shrevie at Zoka)
With a Little Help from My Friends (for Paris at Brokeland)