MoveOn in their own words

· The Power of Many

A Sybexian just joined MoveOn’s list and received their welcome message, which I post here for archive and quote purposes:
Dear friend,
We just wanted to take a moment to welcome you to the MoveOn network and tell you a little bit about began in 1998 when Wes Boyd and Joan Blades sent an email about an online petition to a few dozen family members and friends. While Congress was debating President Clinton’s impeachment, the petition called for Congress to censure the President and move on to more pressing issues. It spread by email across the country. In only a few weeks, hundreds of thousands of people had signed on.
Since then, has grown to include almost 2 million people in the United States; it’s now the largest online activist network in the country. It has also expanded to work with a variety of issues — from opposing the war on Iraq to preventing oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. But MoveOn’s staff is still very small — there are only a few paid staff. Wes and Joan volunteer full time.
MoveOn’s staff is tiny, but the organization is powerful because of people like you. MoveOn’s power is the power of millions of people working together for common sense in national (and international) affairs.
MoveOn’s members also play a big role in determining our direction — we take your thoughts and comments very seriously and use them to shape our campaigns. If you’d like to join in the conversation about what MoveOn should work on next, please go to our ActionForum at:
From all of us on the MoveOn team, thanks again for becoming a part of this network. Working together, we can make our country and the world a better place.
–Adam, Carrie, Eli, James, Joan, Laura, Noah, Peter, and Wes The MoveOn Team