Rumsfeld is toast

· 2004 Election

The other day we watched Rumsfeld struggle through a press conference, pointing to some weak press release (no doubt on a Friday evening amidst 100 other unrelated press releases, but still how come no one picked it up in January? or is he lying? who’s checking this?), floundering without successfully wielding hardly any of his trademark fighting techniques.
(Speaking of fighting techniques, anything new from the My New Fighting Technique is Unstoppable guy lately?)
Anyway, I asked B, do you think Rummy will resign? She scoffed at the idea, but this morning’s times has George Bush leaking his displeasure on Don and tonight’s McLehrer has him adamantly denying that Rumsfeld should be mad eto resign, while others from McCain on left say it’s too soon to say.
They don’t want to soldier on without their best spokesmodel, but they have to stanch the bleeding. In an administration in which the buck never seems to stop, this is going to a tough one to pin on Powell. Delay heightens the risk of a second fishing expedition to supplement the Plame one (what’s going on with that), the 9/11 commission, hell even Anthrax guy.
One thing I’m not looking forward to is a panicky cornered-ferret Bush administration in its death throes.