Guantanamo for the Guantanamanins!

The Bush administration has told the Supreme Court that the court’s authority does not extend to Guantanamo, because it is not US territory and is not subject to US law. I am willing to guess that the government would also not accept proceedings in Cuban courts as authoritative there.
Clearly, the administration is quietly making a case for self-determination! Our activities in the too-long-ignored, plucky little Caribbean enclave are really an extension of the President’s world-spanning commitment to nation-building and democracy
Unlike Afghanistan or Iraq, Guantanimo has the advantage of a clean slate. There is no dead weight of authoritarian tradition to be overcome. And our unstinting investment in an up-to-the-minute Correctional System can assure the kind of stability that is so necessary to nurturing self-government anywhere.
I believe that, with these fledgling first steps taken, it is now time to proudly invite the United Nations to take it from here, to bring Guantanamo along to the constitutional framework, the census and voter rolls, the free press and public discourse that will take self-government to the next level. A nascent democracy of which all Americans can be proud!
As President Bush, the Johnny Appleseed of global liberation, might say: Guantanamo for the Guantanamanins!






3 responses to “Guantanamo for the Guantanamanins!”

  1. the RaptorMage Avatar

    He’s more likely to say, without realizing the irony, “Guantanamo for the Guantanameras!”
    ( )

  2. David Kolodney Avatar
    David Kolodney

    No doubt! Reputedly, Fidel Cstro’s favorite song, BTW.

  3. Radio Free Blogistan Avatar

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