Hit 'em where they ain't

· Weblog Concepts

Blogfather Glenn Reynolds advises would-be webloggers to pioneer underreported topics, instead of crowding into overpopulated subject-areas, such as war and politics, in The Next Wave at Tech Central Station:

There are lots of political/national security blogs (“warblogs” as they’re sometimes called, though most of them spend a lot of times on non-war subjects). There’s always room for another, especially if it offers special insight: either in terms of knowledge or location. But there’s no question that the warblog field is probably the most crowded, and that it probably is harder to get attention, even with a very good blog, in that area than in any other.
So if I were starting out from scratch, with the goal of having maximum blog-impact, I think I’d give that subject a pass. Instead, I’d look around to see what’s going on that’s potentially very interesting, but that isn’t getting enough attention.

Wait for it…