Hold the carburetors!

Maybe I just don’t get it. Did there used to be like all kinds of dangerous carburetors in all our food? I don’t think so!
But, wow, the agribusiness conglomerates are rushing to protect us (like they really care!), so every package of anything in the store just has to let us know–in great big letters–how free of carburetors it is!. Oh, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Mr. Agribusiness!.
Give me a break! I really feel they are underestimating my intelligence.






3 responses to “Hold the carburetors!”

  1. cecil vortex Avatar
    cecil vortex

    I would like to buy
    a package
    of noodles
    with carburetors in it.
    I’d throw away
    the noodles
    and sell
    the carburetors
    and make
    a fortune.

  2. David Kolodney Avatar
    David Kolodney

    “and make a fortune.”
    Not if I patent it first!
    BTW, are you familiar with the poet William Carlos Williams? This has some of his “flavah.”

  3. cecil vortex Avatar

    I’m a big and recent fan. Just “discovered” him this last year, if you can believe that. Been a Brautigan fan since way back when, and got back into his poetry about 18 months ago, which led to a fun and continuing scramble through some excellent fundamentals I’d missed — WCW, Creeley, Hughes, O’Hara, and on…. It’s been a fun year….