Howard Dean drinking game

It won’t be televised on the regular networks, but Howard Dean is scheduled to address the campaign delegates tonight. Here is a drinking game that is circulating among alumni of his wired campaign:

Howard Dean Convention Speech Drinking Game
1 shot
Any mention of the word idear
Any mention of strong, strength, stronger
Any bad joke about the Red Sox
Any mention of Kerry with the word hero
Any time he says “In Vermont.”
Any time he sounds like the man you really wish were speaking on Thursday
Any mention of Bush and one-way bus back to Crawford Texas.
Any mention of healthcare coupled with a long list of countries.
2 shots
If anything “turns out not to be true”
If he talks about the “end of the civil rights movement”, or MLK, Jr
If any great lies are told by people like him to people like us
If he tells any story that you remember from the blog
If we are reminded of the great loss to our sense of community
If we are informed that WE have the power (extra shots if we are reminded more than once)
If you cry
3 shots
If he mentions Fahrenheit 9-11
If he does the double arms out finger point
If Dean accidentally slips up and says, “What I wanna know…”
If he makes a reference to Ralph Nader
If we are thanked very much more than twice (extra shot each “thank you very much” above two)
5 shots
Any mention of Costa Ricans
If he says he represents the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party
If he makes fun of Gerry McEntee
If he calls Bush a miserable failure
If he mentions there being more than one America, perhaps two.
If he references any sort of bat
Any jokes about a scream
If he gives a shout out to Nicco






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  1. jay Avatar

    oh my god…. so how many shats does that total, i watched a little bit of it, eh… i think there was something more interesting on… vh1’s i love the 80’s maybe…