I just want to savor the moment

· 2004 Election

Tonight, at least, Pat Buchanan is a Kerry booster. (What is up with that, by the way? For the last several weeks I’ve noticed him shifting into a Bill Kristol-style-almost-neutral-observer-who-happens-to-be-a-hard-righter mode. Is it a carrer move? Or, as someone over at dailykos.com speculated, is it a by-product of his longstanding dislike for the Bush family?)
Meanwhile, Joe Scarborough is getting shouted down by Andrea Mitchell and Howard Fineman for making a big deal out of the fact that Kerry talked over his applause. (Both Feingold and Mitchell repeatedly shaking their heads and saying ‘can we talk about the content of his speech’ — amazing!)
Obama is (still) the bomb-a.
Moroca rocks.
Tucker Carlson has moved into Teddy Ruxpin territory. He’s admitting that it’s entirely possible that Bush will lose. Barbara Boxer should give him a hug.
Even Fox is being relatively gentle.
Kerry was likable.
His daughters were extraordinary.
It’s a good night to be a Democrat.