Seems worth noting that it almost doesn’t seem worth noting that Kerry plugged in his acceptance speech. Was a time, that would have seemed a novel thing.






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  1. Uncle T Avatar
    Uncle T

    Overall, what did you think of the Kerry speech or is this yet to come? Or were you just too hung over to care?
    Everyone (in my little nonblogging circle) is talking about your quote in the NY Times. Viewing your photo of Donaldson, I now know what a marmoset looks like.
    Can’t wait to see your book in print.

  2. Logan Avatar

    I have been watching political conventions for over 60 years and I found Kerry,s speech to be the sams warmed over hollow promises. Promising something is one thing but to deliver is a whole new ball game.

  3. Linda Avatar

    John Kerry’s acceptance speech at DNC was fabulous! He’s the real deal. Now we want President John Kerry.

  4. Harold McAlpine Avatar
    Harold McAlpine

    When will the voters of this nation vote all politicians (Kerry & Bush) out of office. Theses men will do and say anything to get elected.
    Mr. Kerry says he has released his military service records and that they are on his web site. I must be blind. He says that his complete health care plan is pn his web site, again I must be blind – I see ### sound bites written, but no complete health plan.
    The american people ar not as stupid as you all seem to believe.

  5. james derbyshire Avatar
    james derbyshire

    I just want to comment on patriotism. I probably took Cheny or bush’s place in vietnam. One said “Daddy can you get me to the front of the line?” It wasn’t easy to join the National Guard during the Vietnam Police Action. The other “hawk?” took five, count them five deferrments to stay out of harms way.(Now that is a patriot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  6. Juven Bachan Avatar
    Juven Bachan

    Sir, I call upon John Kerry to give carte blanche permission to open his war decoration record to all the American people. Why and what is he hiding? I thought that all public people serving the public , especially running for the Presidency is obligated to open scrutiny , short of intimate privacy. Also, what was Kerry doing pre-911 on the intelligence failure of the Democratic administration? We often hear him talking how he would improve intelligence. Why didn’t he improve intelligence during the Clinton regime to stop the slaughter of 911? His Democratic administration is responsible for this disaster and all the Dems are silent on this failure. Please reply me

  7. K Avatar

    terrorists are for kerry