I'm coming home, I've done my time

In just a few hours I’ll be getting in a cab to head for JFK to fly home to Oakland on JetBlue. I am way ready to be home. I miss my life. It appears that I missed the killer dry-heat wave too, though I caught the killer humid-head wave here. Both waves appear to have broken. It was nice and cool in New York today.
Levi Asher and I went to Sara Schaefer is Obsessed With You downtown Friday night, and saw Jonathan Ames talk, read, and do the Hairy Call; and were treated to a performance of a twelve-minute musical by Paul Ford and Steve Burns called Rat and Squirrel. It was witty, poignant, clever, funny, touching, and musically lively. Plus they’ve already got an animator lined up apparently.
A nice way to finish off my current visit to New York.