The power of radio, part two

I also spoke to Scott McFarland on the Michigan Talk Radio network, syndicated to 28 stations in Michigan on Friday. It will air today (Saturday) but I’m not sure when.
He got into some interesting areas related to meeting people online, job searching, and just generally overcoming the stereotype of the Internet as an antisocial realm.
Oh, and Uncle T, my New York area interview airs this coming Monday, September 13, sometime in the 9 am to 10 am slot on WLIU.
If anyone manages to record it, please let me know!






4 responses to “The power of radio, part two”

  1. rayne Avatar

    Hey xian — I have a friend (a fellow Deaniac)that works at one of the affiliate stations. Will contact him to see if he can get a copy for you. Wish I could tape it but I’ll be out of pocket most of the day.

  2. Uncle T Avatar
    Uncle T

    Sorry, Christian, but I could not pull in WLIU here. At 88.3 FM (according to the NY Times that’s LIU), I got some station in Newark (Newark!). Guess you have to be on the Island or in The City to get it. I’ve been on our local Westchester station talk shows and they always give you a tape of the show, so why don’t you give them a call and threaten to blow them up if they don’t come through with one.

  3. xian Avatar

    Actually, I know that Newark station. It’s an excellent public jazz station, isn’t it? One of the few left in the country. Similar to KCSM out here.
    Good idea about asking for the tape, although I must assert that I have not now nor have I ever threatened to blow anything up…. :^)

  4. Rayne Avatar

    Sorry, xian, no joy. My buddy said, “Have to say… We to carry some Michigan Talk Radio programs but we don’t have the receiver any more. We get them on CD. And we don’t carry that show… so, I can’t help you in your tape request.” He suggested I contact them directly.
    Oh well. Hope Uncle T can help out!