I'm not a Technorati developer

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…but I play one on the net. Well, actually not that either but they say Technorati users are welcome at the Technorati Developers Salon Kickoff in SF tonight, so I’ll be there, barking my feature wishlist at anyone willing to listen.
Hope to see Ian Kallen and Mary Hodder there, among the usual suspects.
Had a nice lunch with the Ladies and Gents who do that sort of thing in Oakland. We talked about the MT3 hullabulloo, branding, domain names, virtual media agencies, journalism, bubble 2.0, and other things I already forgot.
Joe Pennant took a bunch of boss photos with my digicam and I’ll upload a few after I get home tonight, finish Chapter 9, submit it, sleep, wake up, and finish Chapter 2, submit it, sleep, wake up, and what was I saying?