Jewels and binoculars

Freaky software malfunctions are currently making it nearly impossible for me to reply to email in the normal way, so if you need to hear back from me soonly, try calling me. If you don’t have my number or don’t know anyone who does, then that’s probably just as well.
There’s a weird dislocating feeling, having my ordinary email-reply method broken. It’s like a phantom limb, but it’s also a release for tense brain muscles that have been poised for incoming mail for about 11 years straight without much relaxation. I’ve been warming to the phone lately, and am finding that face-to-face still takes the cake, but the competition for that time can be pretty fierce.
I am receiving email, so don’t worry about me not getting your messages. Other ways to reach me include posting to your blog (and pinging me so I know to look), contacting me via orkut, or looking for me in the chat-o-sphere. I usually check into Yahoo! Messenger and #joiito at least once a day.
Need an invitation to orkut? Let me know and I’ll send you one.





2 responses to “Jewels and binoculars”

  1. Scot Hacker Avatar

    Sorry this is so geeky, but I’m curious to know what kind of problem could leave you able to receive but not send email?

  2. martin Avatar

    Please send me an invitation to Orkut.