Liza, let's flip the switch

Let’s update the modules and flip over to your awesome design and then ask readers to beta test it for us on their browsers?
I want to get all the Mediajunkie blogs up to the best possible standards of 2.661 installs, and then think seriously about MT 3.0 vs. WordPress vs. Scoop vs. Drupal.
I’m starting a new job in July. It’s a blogger’s dream job and I’ll give more details about it when I can but it’s somewhat political so I have to play some cards close to the chest.
The cool thing is that early next week (after a lot of sleep) I’ll be done reviewing galleys and my book will be in the can and I’ll have three rules of robotics:
1. Promote the book.
2. Do my new job, unless conflicts with promoting the book.
3. Write full time/blog, unless conflicts with the new job or promoting the book.
The cool thing is that to a large extent 1, 2, and 3 will all be the same thing or will all be about the same thing. My book, the consulting, the blogging will all be proofs of each other’s concepts. It’s hard to explain but I just saw a sample design for the book’s site (the blog will end up in a subdomain) and it looks really good.
Craig Newmark wrote a great foreword! He and Scott Heiferman and Howard Rheingold all gave me very kind quotes for the back cover.
Om Malik (of GigaOm and Business 2.0) wished me well and offered to help publicize the book.
Mike Bazeley and the Merc is apparently writing something about JD and me and others using wikis or blogs to solicit input into books in progress.
I’ve seen almost all the chapters and the fun thing is people could just skim the pull quotes and get a lot out of the book. It really is almost like a symposium with many people contributing their voices to the message.
Why am I talking about The Power of Many? Mainly because I’m nearly done and I’ve been on a semi-hiatus while I wrestled with deadlines and I expect to do a lot more work on my weblogs and community sites in the next few months but I will probably give the POMblog right of first refusal on material that overlap with RFB, just ’cause – the book man. I mean blogs are cool, but wikis are the new blogs, anyway, aren’t they?
So, let’s give RFB that facelist, move it to Scoop, offer a diary feature and the ability for the readership to select the best submissions for inclusion on the home page. What say ye?






3 responses to “Liza, let's flip the switch”

  1. Tim aka Geodog Avatar

    Congrats on finishing the book and getting the job – sorry I missed you at lunch today.

  2. liza Avatar

    I woke up about an hour ago and said : OK, let’s start the RFB strip tease. Are you fucking psychic or WHAT!

  3. xian Avatar

    Yes, Liza. Yes I am…
    Tim, I’ll catch you at the next Ladies and Gents who lunch
    Liza, let’s crisp up the modules as step one.