More notes from Technorati salon

Forgive the raw note dump but I’m on deadline and I figure notes are better than nothing, especially when being Searlsdotted…
This page’s name is called TechnoratiSalon.
… (see blog entry for start)
Merged two codebases, API calls along with internal functionalities (bug fixes work for both HTML output and APIs).
Techno front-end app should be built on the API calls too.
“We actually eat our own dog food.”
parameter limits:
more than just 20 results (up to 100)
ask it to show older links (not just on frontpage, vs. current=yes – frontpages only, means a bunch more archiving as well.
new mailing list
API demos
looking at the data
how influential are these bloggers
compared to “big media sites”
graphed 1500-2000 largest media sites
NYTimes, WallStreet Journal
plugged in known numbers about bloggers
by number of inbound blog sources
1. nytimes
2. cnn
3. bbc
n. wired
n+1. suicide girls
etc. salon
fox news
“now do links per employee” (doc searls)
audience member: notice where the wall street journal isn’t
(no inbound links)
notice intermingling of blogs and major media
persian blog: balmasque ??
Post archives back to Jan 2004
Link archives to Nov 2002
keyword search built on full text archives
do only 7 days so far
q: how many employees now?
a: just hired 8th person
I’ll post my notes from the brainstorming / wishlist / open discussion in the next entry.