Technorati developers brainstorm

link relationships
<link rel=””>
creative commons (rel=”license”)
sorting expressions in the queries
if then
and or not
recentness, authority
Tantek: sort by criteria
Use link relationships
strength of relationship
people i’ve met
show me links from people that consider themselves colleagues
wikis and email lists
multiple authors per blog
multiple blogs per author
aggregrate stats
filter out
uninentionally gaming
distributed orkut
merging sites you own
blog migration service?
“since we have archives of all your crap”
Steve Gillmor: blog forwarding service?
Don Park: generating permalinks?
restricted currently to blogs
poll major media sites
the “live” web
revenue model
user facing internet service
not selling software, enterprise, data
advertising (google, yahoo)
subscription services: advanced data analytics
not tremendously well thought through yet
not going to be a blog company
how can we help you build great …
blogging engines
client software
don’t want to compete with vendors
Q: ads in API calls?
A: I don’t know
goal: not to be intrusive
Doc: how many here would pay a small amount of money for some interesting information?
Me: how small? how interesting?
overriding goal: don’t squeeze the nuts of the customer
custom technorati searches you could put on your own site / profit share
ad revenue – targeting poor, revenue insignificant
Technorati text ads on a page
a way to say no to technorati
full-content RSS stats?
what percentage of RSS feeds are full-text
blog format data model
Atom is easier for T to parse, because it distinguishes full text from excerpt / summaries removing the need for HTML-scraping
anonymous posting through technorati
technorati profile-based commenting
outbound links in a profile?
fixed in the API?
Marc question:
Re social network with tight bonding between technorati ranking and… what’s the story of a vendor who offers up that social network if his system is enabling all these pings into the technorati database
“come and talk to us about it”
what if were taking that social network and scattering it to the wind like pollen, would everybody have to call you up and…?”
“no,” laughter, “but you would…”
Marc: Are we done talking about blogs yet?
More people writing reviews than writing blogs
structure not limited to title, body, permalink
data model extensions
data mining other kinds of microcontent besides blogs
as if there was a world besides blogs
blogging / semistructured data sets:
Review XML format
people don’t even agree on what is a blog
semistructured content
scott rosenberg:
i don’t see the demand for that at this point
steve gillmor:
compression of time
in rss/atom space
content moving from web container to rss container
event-based syndication more efficient for all of these kinds of microcontent fragments
trend already emerging will account for what marc’s talking about
low-hanging fruit
RSS events
craigslist events
book reviews intuited through deep linking to amazon
end users
trying to define technorati
service for linkage or data
provide as much value for freee as possible
especially for the end user as free asp ossible
with upsells
Provide a sitemeter like service? (Yes, stat-tracking is a real unmet need! -me)
Zack: creative commons media search
Marc: search for “good politicians”
Open Playlist format
without hardlinking to specific files or a specific file
tracking of media formats
could support creative commons redistribute ok rule
Zack: one day a month hackfest?
Loïc: Restaurant most talked about in SF tonight?
conversation past tonight?
ping developers.technorati?
ping sifry’s alerts
how to host the conversation
developers, marketers, content people
kevin: use the wiki, they look at the techn cosmos of it
Liz is single point of contact
liz [at]
Marc: you forgot the most important part… swag!
“we all get Technorati Miatas…”
What if we did a contest
paid hard cash for coolest app
Don Park: host a direct access machine as a developer’s sandbox
Marc: PeopleAgg loves Technorati
PayPal evangelist
EFF and chilling effects: technorati to crack speech shutdowns
Mark from SAP, enterprise software on friday (future of games, all life will be a game soon)
Kevin Burton Newsmonster has technorati threading built in as a right-click, let me win the 10k i’ll give to EFF
“nice social hack, kevin” (doc)






2 responses to “Technorati developers brainstorm”

  1. liza Avatar

    This sooooooo reads like dada poetry.
    I LOVE IT!

  2. Adam Lasnik Avatar

    Neat summary! One thing you didn’t touch on, though, is just how many damn cool folks were there. I was honored and happy to be among the, well, technorati ;). Sorry I didn’t have a chance to meet you, though!