New York, New York

· long story short

Been thinking the last few days about the impact of the latest 9/11 revelations on the campaign. If nothing else, this should put a clamp on future Bush campaign 9/11 TV ads.
Here’s a related thought:
Last year, most (me included) figured that a NYC convention would be a source of strength for the Bush campaign — a reminder of his best moment, down in the rubble, bullhorn in hand.
Now it’s starting to seem more likely that a GOP convention in NYC has the potential to be the big ugly — for New York, for Bush, for the country at large.
The commission releases its report in July.
And if NYers feel the Bush Administration was negligent, they will let their feelings be heard.
Brace for it.
update: Republican columnist James Pinkerton beat me to it with a similar prediction about 9/11 and Bush ads in an interesting column here.