Not for sale, really?

Maybe for scoops this week, we should be paying close attention to the people who are both “real” journalists and “real” bloggers, people like Micah Sifry.
Speaking of whom, meeting Sifry (he and Dave each refer to each other as they’re their [spell much? –ed] “smarter brother”) has been one of the highlights of this event for me, only exceed I think by the pleasure of Tom Burka’s company – sometimes you meet people and instantly feel like you have always been friends.
Anyway, namedropping aside, Sifry, M. peels back the curtain to show us the untold story of what’s really going on at the convention.
Hmmm, didn’t see anything about analysis of corporate sponsors and other money sources on Fox, CNN, NBC, etc.






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  1. briggs Avatar

    no NYT this morning. When I called they said service was stopped July 26 for non-payment. $93 outstanding.