Optimizing Movable Type

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Christoph Cemper has written up the results of his recent efforts at performance-tuning Movable Type.
The upshot?

  • rebuilding category archives works from the browser again – no premature end of script (internal server error 500) problems anymore (was a timeout before actually)
  • saving disk space for having only 1 large category-common file per category and different locale-specific “head-files” (no redundance)
  • use MTOptimizeHTML to shrink category pages
  • saving time and diskspace by rebuilding recent entries/comments/trackbacks only when they occur
  • saving time and diskspace by rebuilding technorati index and recent changes from blogroll only for new entries
  • and most important: adding comments takes 15-30 seconds with entry rebuild, not 3 or 4 minutes as it was before…