Optimizing Movable Type

Christoph Cemper has written up the results of his recent efforts at performance-tuning Movable Type.
The upshot?

  • rebuilding category archives works from the browser again – no premature end of script (internal server error 500) problems anymore (was a timeout before actually)
  • saving disk space for having only 1 large category-common file per category and different locale-specific “head-files” (no redundance)
  • use MTOptimizeHTML to shrink category pages
  • saving time and diskspace by rebuilding recent entries/comments/trackbacks only when they occur
  • saving time and diskspace by rebuilding technorati index and recent changes from blogroll only for new entries
  • and most important: adding comments takes 15-30 seconds with entry rebuild, not 3 or 4 minutes as it was before…






One response to “Optimizing Movable Type”

  1. Dave Pollard Avatar

    Wow. Now if only someone would show us how to do this with Radio. I’m getting timeout messages every time I post.