Patchy access in San Antonio

My room at the CheaperNearby hotel naturally offers no high-speed access and sadly I can’t get my modem to work with it either. Fortunately, Roadrunner offers pay-for-use wireless service in the RiverCenter mall attached to the Marriott, so I can briefly check mail and get a message out to the wider world before heading to the next panel discussion at this conference (the joint American Culture Association, Popular Culture Association, and Southwest/Texas ACA/PCA conference in San Antonio).
Also, I have a partially completed post from the airplane written in ecto, but I can’t get back into ecto without a serial number, although I did make a contribution when it was called kung-log so I’m not sure if I am really required to pay up. In the meantime, that post is stranded and won’t show up till I sort that out.
At least now I can submit the chapter I’ve been working on later today just by coming back here to the mall.
I noticed there are some interesting discussions related to weblogs going on here. Most of them conflict with the Grateful Dead program, but if possible I will try to drop in and meet some of the academics studying or working with blogs. Who knows, maybe some of them read RFB.