potential anecdote re the downside of decentralizing

moveon.org gets dinged by fox and the WSJ for having a short movie on their site that compares Bush with Hitler. Could be an anecdote re the risks of decentraliziation — they had no idea the movie was even posted, but folks react as if they’d made the movie themselves.






2 responses to “potential anecdote re the downside of decentralizing”

  1. xian Avatar

    Note also that complaining about this was a Republican talking point today, very effectively disseminated in the mass media and the blogosphere simultaneously.

  2. Brian Dear Avatar

    MP3.com faced this issue with RIAA in the early days. We were concerned that RIAA-affiliated record companies were deliberately uploading copyrighted material onto the MP3.com site so that they could bust us and claim we were badguys. Remember, MP3.com was about independent, unsigned artists, and not signed commercial artists.
    So we had to literally listen to every single song uploaded — hundreds of thousands of them, eventually millions. A whole staff of musicologists…