Rosen's plans

Dan Gillmor has an update on what Zack Rosen is up to:

The campaign is over. But Rosen tells me he’s going to push ahead with what he started, aiming to create an open platform that others can use.

He says he’s gotten venture-capital funding from a California firm that looks for public-interest investments. He and his team would, he said, build a “groupware tool set” that included content-management, mail list and forum posting, blogging and much more. Initially, the goal was to create an analogue to Yahoo Groups, the online service that lets non-techies set up mailing lists, but to aim its functions at political campaigns. In the long run, he said, the goals were much more ambitious:

“To establish a permanent foundation that can spearhead social software development projects for nonprofit organizations. …”






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  1. xian Avatar

    Liz just sent me this link as well (from Seattle, I assume), and asked if I’m interviewing Zack. (Which, of course, I am.) Liz, read the blog!