Trippi with Lester Holt?

I can’t find a transcript (or even a mention, for that matter) of Joe Trippi’s interview with Lester Holt (MSNBC, March 21 or 22?). But a Newsweek article on Trippi, Dean, and the Net shows up at MSNBC: Dean’s Net Effect Is Just The Start (it sticks to politics).






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  1. cecil vortex Avatar
    cecil vortex

    I found a page that referenced the show:
    Scroll down and you’ll see the plug for the JT segment. Didn’t find the text from that segment, but I only looked for a moment or two. It’s worth spending more time there or perhaps asking RK to spend more time there to see if I just missed it.
    Also, have we asked Lester Holt if he’s interested in participating? Very smart guy and it’s clear that he’s very interested in the topics.