Shadow reviewers

In addition to the formal peer review from Lucy Hodder (and Liz Lawley for some of the earlier chapters) I’ve asked a number of people in the book’s “community” (such as it is) to review chapters informally and just send me notes instead of detailed interpolations.
Wrestling with deadlines (Chapter 7 is due in as a second revision today), I haven’t managed the informal peer review process well. Pete have volunteered to step in, but I still must remember to send Pete names, email addresses, and chapter requests.
I also need to make bylines in this blog because people are crediting Pete’s amazing blogging latel y to me, which isn’t fair to Pete.
Plus, I need sort out my feeds in teh sidebars, add recent comments and recent trackback pings, technorati hoo-hah, and so on. (Once the next few chapters are in.)
Also, desperately need a wiki.






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  1. Taylor Avatar

    Are you missing the hosting for a wiki, or the time to set it up, or the software? I could set you up with any or all of the three.