Since you asked

Yes, I do have a birthday coming up, the big four-oh on October 30. (That will also be the seventh anniversary of this journal – w00t).
People never know what to get for me, but this year it’s easy. First of all, the perfect gift for me is to buy a copy of my book. If you already have a copy, buy one as a gift for someone else. If you’ve already read the book please review it at Amazon or elsewhere.
Speaking of Amazon, I do have a
wish list there. It’s kind of random but I do want all the things on it.
Then just in general, since my latest obsession is playing my ukulele and guitar, I would love anything related to that.
A pick. Some sheet music. An instructional LP or video or DVD. Books of music theory or explanations or terminology even. Just about anything to do with music is fair game.
There, so don’t say I never told you. Also, I should mention that my general rule is that of course it’s great to receive a gift but I don’t like anyone to feel obligated and I realize life doesn’t always permit that level of involvement. Sending me some good wishes is also appreciated and I’m not strict about day-and-date (which is why B and I tend to celebrate each other’s birthday-months – or birthmonths).






2 responses to “Since you asked”

  1. That Fritz Guy Avatar
    That Fritz Guy

    Many happy returns from behind the Vole-gate!
    Long may you wave.

  2. Joyce Avatar

    Happy day everyday. If you go to and search for groups and then ukulele. You will find Ukulele Universe Unlimited. It is a site in progress….now sure what the heck I am doing. But, it should be a fun adventure to learn the technical stuff.
    I have posted a couple of one-minute practice tapes for fun. Maybe I should post Happy Birthday.