Speaking of Martini Republic

Over on her own blog, mitten defends MR against an apparent attack by alleged right-wing blogger Cathy Siepp (a later date: ms. siepp).
In so doing, she brings up an interesting matter that relates to the evergreen metablogging question “Why do we blog?“:

Cathy apparently cares most about the links and comments she gets on her blog and judges how well she’s doing by those measures. I can’t say I don’t care at all about those things, but they aren’t my primary focus. I’m much more concerned with whether the blog reads well, and of course, looks good. Neither of those things appear to be in the scope of Cathy’s primary concerns about her own blog.






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  1. The Athenian Avatar

    Welcome to the new journalism

    So, here I am, blogging about Christian Crumlish , who’s blogging about mitten , who’s blogging about Cathy Siepp , who’s (allegedly) blogged (apparently) attacking mitten.