The great renaming I: the switcheroo

Once consequence of my “damn the torpedoes” approach to web presence is blundering ahead and trying stuff without knowing what the final shape will need to be. I hope to learn from the consequences and if my tools make the work malleable enough and I pay attention, things will keep getting closer to what I would dream of if I didn’t have insomnia.
So, I am about to do a little renaming among my personal sites. At various time I’ve kept my personal journal (stuff about my life, stuff I only expect people I know to find interesting, but stuff nonetheless that I am willing to have anyone know about me) under various names: Breathing Room, Still Breathing, Shallow Breathing, bodega, x-ism, and most recently X-POLLEN. More recently still I rededicated to be a multhithreaded view of my various bloggish writing (anything I’m managing on my own server, with links to stuff hosted elsewhere).
But originally X-POLLEN wasn’t supposed to be a journal blog. It was one of the names I toyed with for my e-publishing presence, and in fact my Movable Type content-management installation run from that domain. It just makes more sense to me that the more whimsical, less semioticky xianlandia (pronounced the way Latino DJs say “discolandia” – “ehhh-see-own-lon-deeyaaa!) should be the name for my drivellous personal blog, and let x-pollen go back to being grand central station for stuff i’m doing and connections I’m making. So be it and so it will be.
For the six readers of my various blogs, this may be momentarily confusing. people looking for monolog may find my personal journal there instead, and not notice the absence of scintillating political analysis, blog gossip, and anemic arts news. People used to reading my personal blog will find at that address or in that RSS feed the whole panoply of stuff I write about (“who knew Christian was an anarcho-syndicalist entrepreneur?”) and not notice the large sign i’m sure to add to my templates saying “looking for my journal? it’s now at xianlandia” at x-pollen and “looking for my full feed? it’s now at” over at xianlandia).
There may be a few bumps in the road, but now, all six of you, you can’t say I haven’t warned you when it starts happening.





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