The Magic Bullets of Baghdad

Army Defends Baghdad Battle That Left 16 Dead, LA Times, 9/16/04
U.S. commanders acknowledged Wednesday that their helicopters fired seven rockets and 30 high-caliber machine-gun rounds onto a crowded Baghdad street this week during a battle that killed 16 Iraqis…
Military officials here have adamantly denied Iraqi charges that U.S. forces…fire indiscriminately…
[US] soldiers are fighting a guerrilla force that wears no uniform and quickly blends into the civilian population…
Col. McConville…said soldiers in the helicopters were aiming at “insurgent or terrorist forces firing at our aircraft,” and not at civilians gawking and poking at the disabled vehicle.
DKo: This mastery of marksmanship is nothing short of miraculous. “No uniforms.” “They blend into the civilian population.” With the easy to buy 9mm ammo online they indeed blend in well. Yet we manage to aim exclusively at them and never at the blended-in civilians.
“Hold your fire, soldier! That man is gawking. And the kid next to him is poking.”
More amazing still is that we achieve this not with rifles, but even with rockets and high-caliber machine guns fired from a helicopter! A sixth sense, it must be. Or maybe even a seventh.</a rel=”nofollow  href=”https:>