The real John Kerry

· long story short

The right sure has found their swing when it comes to Kerry bashing this week. Turns out, and here’s a huge surprise, John Kerry has a problem with the truth. Wow. That came outta left field.
Can’t these yahoos at least come up with a new line? What Gore must be thinking right about now….
The Fox Attempted-Smear-Disguised-as-Profundity of the day (it’s always so hard to choose just one) comes from the master of the art: Sean Hannity. Says he: (paraphrase) ‘I think we’ve found the real John Kerry. The real John Kerry is the JK of ’71 who….’ And it goes from there.
Put aside for a moment that I actually like the John Kerry of ’71….
I’m ready to cut these guys a deal. Time freezes, right? That’s what Hannity’s saying. No one really changes after their mid-20s. OK. Alright. I can live with that. So then on the one hand, JK still has that 100% upper-class accent. And on the other hand, GWB still likes to drink till he passes out.
Got it. Good to know. Cast your votes accordingly.
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