The Right to Bear Arms. EVERYWHERE!

Increasingly, we are fighting a war to defend the right of American troops to enter Iraqi cities. Per this 9/5/04 NYT article…
One by One, Iraqi Cities Become No-Go Zones
“In Iraq, the list of places from which American soldiers have either withdrawn or decided to visit only rarely is growing: [Samarra,] Falluja,…Ramadi,…the holy Shiite cities of Karbala and Najaf to the south….
“Negotiations with rebel leaders [in Sadr City] foundered last week on precisely the issue of the freedom of American soldiers to enter the area….Iraqis…increasingly see them as a cause of the violence. Take out the Americans, the Iraqis say, and you take out the problem….
“Even in the once-friendly Shiite areas, the Americans are giving way to local demands that they stay away.”
DKo again…
Some analysts say that Bush is holding back only until November 2, to keep US casualties down prior to the election. After that, if he wins (and if he loses?), we will go back in force to “take down” these cities. We will say we have to, because only US forces can assure free elections.
If anyone wants to put insurgents–and the current government–on the spot regarding free elections, there will be a completely independent UN force, specifically dedicated to election monitoring, and America will stop inciting chaos with its presence.