The spellchecker suggests Crumpets

For no good reason I’m pushing a meme today, echoing it through the mediajunkiesphere and sending out an annoying Orkut announcement to my regretting- it- already friends. It may work or it may not but pouting never accomplished anything.
The spellcheckers has some funny suggestions for how to spell my name.






5 responses to “The spellchecker suggests Crumpets”

  1. alyssa Avatar

    my last name isn’t like any words… never get any suggestions

  2. xian Avatar

    What about your first name?

  3. alyssa Avatar

    same. no suggestions…

  4. xian Avatar

    Then it is my opinion that your name may be considered officially “not weird.”

  5. alyssa Avatar

    when i google myself, i find there is only one other person with my name. she’s 14 and lives in maine. i look forward to her marrying early and changing her last name…. but truth i, the name isn’t all the common, i guess it’s just not weird.