TidyText plugin makes MT posts valid XHTML

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90% Crud: TidyText:

TidyText is my new plugin for Moveable Type…. It adds two new text formatting options for entries that will run them through HTML Tidy to make the XHTML valid before building the entry. Most of us want to support web standards, for me it’s a pain to remember to change & to & when linking to URLs. …TidyText … fixes that broken XHTML and turns it into something valid.
You can download it or read the documentation, which I’ve included in this post. If you want to see it in action, compare the source of the linked documentation with the source that I copied and pasted for the documentation in this post.
This has been tested on a couple systems but I can’t vouch for it working on yours. You will need to install HTML Tidy before this will work, and it isn’t the fastest plugin due to the use of the filesystem. On the other hand, you can start making valid pages again!

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