Tonight’s Democratic party primary debate…

…was as eloquent an argument as you’re going to see for keeping the 2%ers out of at least the final primary debates. Dennis and Al are smart guys with a lot of interesting points to make, but really, right now, for just a minute or two, I was wishing they’d both shut up so I could get a chance to hear one of the two guys on that stage who still have a chance to compete in the upcoming presidential election: John Kerry and Larry King.
No, that’s a cheap joke. But you see? You see? That’s what Dennis and Al have done to my head — they’ve made me go vaudeville. And for that I can never forgive.
Speaking of vaudeville, Jackie Mason was on the TV tonight, speaking for the Jews. And let me just say, as a Jew, that you haven’t known suffering, the way my people have known suffering, until Jackie Mason represents your people on national TV.






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  1. Regime Change USA Avatar

    It is a lot better now than it was with 9 candidates. That was a circus!