What happened to X-POLLEN?

Christian Crumlish’s personal weblog, most recently called X-POLLEN, has been renamed. It is now called wake up and has been moved to xianlandia.com, as a more appropriate domain for Christian’s personal effects. Christian feels strange writing about himself in the third person and will stop now.
You can also call it “xianlandia” or Christian’s blog or really anything you like if you don’t like the name wake up, which just came to me and who knows how long I’ll stick with it? I’m fickle like that.
This, really, is the switcheroo I promised a few weeks back.
I just explained where the X-POLLEN blog went but what happened to the x-pollen.com domain? For now, I’m parking the site that aggregates all of my weblog posts, the site I call monolog or xian’s monolog, there. In fact, it’s not really all of my weblog posts, but just those published by the (Movable Type) software that runs on that same server and hosts a number of group blogs and guest blogs. I try to include writings from other sites in the sidebar, but I haven’t come up with a universal solution for that, especially when you factor in blog comments posted elsewhere.
I might move it over to a me-specific subdirectory at the site, eventually, and turn x-pollen.com into a showcase for recent entries from all the blogs hosted on the site, featuring all the great writers I’m hosting. (Then I can relaunch Mediajunkie as an aggregator site featuring external feeds.) One step at a time, though.
As is inevitable when not doing a three-step switch between two items, I munged something along the way. In this case, the monolog stylesheet. So the site’s design is raw old-skool vintage 1993-era HTML right now, till I come up with something new.