Shhh! The audience is listening

Let’s all be on our best behavior. Christopher (Back to Iraq) Allbritton is teaching a digital journalism course at NYU this semester and recently assigned the class to read a few blogs during the current week and comment on them.
It’s rather humbling and instructive to get feedback from people just jumping into the blog in midstream. For instance, my link to Andrew Grumet’s OPML similarity engine yesterday struck one student as being too much like an ad, probably because of the cheesy cliche´d headline I put on it (or because I chose to use our feed as an example of the service?).
Now that I’ve acknowledged that I know they’re reading (I saw the incoming link in my referrer logs over the weekend), will this spoil the experiment? Will we get lost in a self-referential recursive infinite regress? They’ve already noticed that blogging-about-blogging is an inherently limiting format (hence my other blogs, my coauthors, and so on), but they’ll just have to trust me that there does seem to be an audience for these links and comments.
They also think Joi Ito is a woman and I wonder if that has to do with website design, communication style, or something else entirely.






6 responses to “Shhh! The audience is listening”

  1. Rayne Avatar

    Could be something very simple that gives them the impression that Joi Ito is female…
    Joi = Joy
    Si possible, oui?

  2. felicia Avatar

    It was interesting to do homework on some one as they noted that you were doing homework on them. I really didn’t know what to say to that. If anything interesting comes up in my class with chris tonight ill be sure to fill you to update you. Also, i was impressed to see someone mention blogging on blogging gets a little repetitive. But, I will add, it is a good educational resource.

  3. felicia Avatar

    Step 1: comment
    Step 2: learn how to not post things mulitiple times!
    Mission Accomplished!

  4. xian Avatar

    Not to worry, felicia, it happens all the time. I’ll delete the duplicates. Welcome to the funhouse mirror!

  5. Joi Ito's Web Avatar

    Welcome to my blog NYU Digital Journalism course

    Welcome to my blog NYU Digital Journalism course, Spring ’04. ;-) via Radio Free Blogistan…

  6. Taran Avatar

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to let them judge who they should read by themselves? Such direction seems a lot like telling students to read traditional media.